Knowing when to Service Your Air Conditioner

It’s easy to forget about your AC unit as it works away in the corner. We rarely think to check in on them until they’ve stopped working completely. Your air conditioning needs regular servicing just like you do for your car; this way, you can rest assured it won’t break down on you.  

 In this article, TC Air is explaining the warning signs that it’s time to get your AC serviced. 

Save Money with Regular Air Conditioning Servicing 

 Saving money in the short term isn’t always the most economical option. All major Air Conditioning brands recommend Annual servicing of all AC systems. Avoiding your AC’s servicing needs can lead to costly problems down the line whereas regular servicing will extend the life of your unit. Considering a replacement AC can cost thousands of dollars, a few additional years of life are worth the effort. 

 An air conditioner performing at its peak will maintain efficiency, keeping your home or business cooler and lowering your electricity bills. At TC Air & Electric, you can organise the air conditioning service Wollongong to discover small issues before they become expensive problems. 

 You should consider booking service if: 

  • It has been 12 months since your last full service by a licensed technician 
  • You have reason to suspect your air conditioning unit isn’t working as it should 
  • Your air conditioner is used around the clock 

DIY Cleaning and Maintenance 

 There are a few things you can do to extend the lifespan of your AC unit. The number one DIY task is cleaning your filters in between services – at least once every six months. 

 Also, make sure your AC’s condensing unit, vents and exterior surfaces are clean because neglecting these can result in a clogged system.

5 Signs You Need an Air Conditioning Specialist in Wollongong

 Unfortunately, your air conditioner won’t tell you when it needs a service. To prevent a complete breakdown at an inconvenient time, watch out for the following signs that it’s time for AC maintenance and contact TC Air for the highest quality servicing in the Illawarra area. 

  1. Reduced airflow 
  2. Blowing hot air instead of cold air 
  3. An unexplained increase in energy bills 
  4. Water leaks or excess moisture on the unit 
  5. Strange noises or smells coming from the indoor or outdoor components 
  6. It has been 12 months since your last full service by a licensed technician 

There’s Only One Team to Call for Your AC Service

The TC Air team has over 25 years’ experience in servicing and maintaining every brand of air conditioner. If you’ve noticed the above signs, or if you’d just like to stay ahead of your servicing needs, get in touch with TC Air & Electric. Call the air conditioning specialist Wollongong trusts on 4222 9988 or contact us online.