The MYAIR air conditioning controller – fine tuned controlled comfort in your home, where every room can be turned on or off, or have its room temperature individually fine tuned to the desired temperature. For example Bedroom #1 can be 23°C, Bedroom #2 can be 23°C, but the Kitchen can be 20°C or lower if you’re cooking or the sun is streaming in.

The only way to control the temperature with a normal system is back at the main controller usually in the hall or living area and it sets the temperature throughout the system, but is regulated at the controller.

So if you have a baby that needs a sleep during the day, there’s no way to control the temperature in this room except with the MYAIR5 system. A must for homes that have children, young or old, shift workers, needing a sleep during the day or for a functioning kitchen, which needs more cooling without freezing everyone else in the living room watching TV. This system is compatible with any TC AIR Ducted installation and is the norm rather than the exception. Plus, you can wirelessly connect your mobile phone so it is another controller where you can turn it on or off remotely as well as individual temperature control.